Are You Ready to Stop Pushing the Good Stuff Away and
Start Feeling More Alive?

I know! You want to feel alive – more joyful, more energetic, and more in flow. But who has time? Especially when you’re working hard to make an impact on the world.

Most people believe that it's hard work to get more of what will make them happy. And most people believe they don't have the time.

But the truth is, most people are ALSO very good at pushing away the Joy, aliveness and extra energy that's available RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES.

By learning a few simple embodied practices that turn around your primary joy-sabotaging habits, and adding a few things to your week that you ALREADY WANT TO DO...

you can feel MUCH better... REALLY FAST.

If you run out of energy, feel emotional stress, or get pulled down by the weight of your daily commitments then you’re in the right place.
Whether you're a corporate CEO, a budding entrepreneur or an aspiring artist, this 21-day “embodied” mindfulness practice will feed your soul and help you forward your cause. I promise!


Master the Art of Joy

Embody JOY delivers just the right amount of support (in the minimum amount of time) to help you become a master at cultivating – and practicing – joy on purpose.

Each day, we'll send you simple email prompts that help you put attention BACK on your body in a bite-sized and do-able way. You'll take actions that feel good, build resilience, spark your right-brain juices, and help maximize your effectiveness at work. You will also learn how to mindfully track the sensations in your body… and learn to influence the impact your body has on your work, your leadership, and your life.

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  • Weekly foundation-building lessons based on science
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  • Simple, daily prompts to help you build resilience from the ground up
  • Optional team challenges & activities for groups
  • Membership to the Embody JOY online support community
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Frequently Asked Questions:
I've got a BIG job. What If I'm just too busy?

A recent 9-year longitudinal study of burnout among investment bankers showed this: people who learn to partner with their bodies are much more likely to stay resilient, expand their capacity, and succeed in challenging careers long term. Those who don’t… often burn out.

Cultivating a positive relationship with your body will help you maximize your impact at work, in your relationships and in life.

What if It Doesn't Work?

The premise of Embody JOY is simple: When you regularly carve out a small amount of time to put attention on your body, and observe your sensations and feelings, you can begin to learn from them – rather than fight against them. The bottom line is – building a positive relationship with JOY is a path... and you are guaranteed to learn something if you do the Embody Joy assignments.

When you purposefully track and cultivate the sensations that uplift you – especially sensations like energy, aliveness and joy – new doorways to possibility, personal power and creative potential begin to open. Wherever you are on YOUR path, Embody Joy is designed to reveal your next steps, and help you start taking them ASAP.